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iSkills practice exams

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* The online tests are provided by ETS itself, and free. These are only sample questions and the candidates need to prepare for AP using recommended course material.


Exam Information

This test has questions that simulate real-world scenarios. Knowledge of the topics and ability to manipulate technology are needed to complete tasks such as extracting information from a database, developing a spreadsheet, or composing an e-mail based on research findings.

The content areas measured are:

1. Humanities

2. Social Sciences

3. Practical Affairs

4. Popular Culture

5. Natural Sciences

Technology Topics

1. Web Use – E-mail, Instant Messaging, Bulletin Board Postings, Browser Use, Search Engines

2. Database Management – Data Searches, File Management

3. Software – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Graphics

Format of the Test

Delivery method - Online at onsite computer facilities

Test forms Core - for students transitioning into college

Advanced - for students transitioning to upper-level coursework or the workplace

Test length - 75 minutes

Task types - 14 short tasks that take 4 minutes each

One long task that takes 15 minutes

Score availability - Scores are delivered within 10 days.

Scoring Criteria

The test score ranges are:

a score of 0-300 for the Core Assessment

a score of 400-700 for the Advanced Assessment