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Wireless5 Certification


EC-Council Certifications are designed to provide the foundation needed by every Electronic Commerce and Security Professional .

Overview of WIRELESS5 Certification

Wireless5 certification is one of the entry-level security certification available from EC-Council and it is an essential course that introduces the learner to basics of wireless technologies and its practical adaptation.

The candidate will be exposed to various Wireless Technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, IEEE 802.11b/g standard, HomeRF, HiperLAN/2, phoning technologies and standards such as CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, 3G, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, GSM1900 /900 /1800, WCDMA, PHS, Tetrapol and NTTDoCoMo, VoIP etc , Emerging Standards such as Mobitex, DataTAC, CDPD, Ricochet etc ,  Devices such as handhelds, PDA, Blackberry etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Any one who wants to gain knowledge of Wireless Technologies.

Registration Details

Candidates can take up EC-Council's Course for Wireless5 .

Wireless5 Course Outline

  • Introduction to Wireless Communications
  • Wireless Signal Propagation
  • IEEE and ETSI Wireless Standards
  • WLANs and Operations
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Wireless Protocols and Communication Languages
  • Wireless Devices
  • Fundamentals of RFID
  • Wireless Security


* For more information on this course and certification , visit the official website below