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TSE practice exams

Practice test vendor Total number of questions Number of questions in demo Test Revision, file size Price Download
ETS NA NA NA NA TSE Speaking and Writing Test
kaplan NA NA NA TSE Test

* The online tests are provided by ETS itself, and free. These are only sample questions and the candidates need to prepare for AP using recommended course material.

Exam Information

Exam Duration:

The time duration of the test would approximately be 20 mins and consists of nine questions which is to be answered using speech activities stated above.

The time allotted for each of the candidate's response ranges from 30 to 90 seconds.

Exam requirement:

The test requires the candidate to

1. Tell a story based on a six-picture sequence and answer a related question

2. Describe a graph and answer a related question

3. Respond to two questions about ideas

4. Respond to three questions in the role of someone in a workplace situation.

Exam Format:

TSE uses speech activities such as narrating, recommending, persuading, and giving and supporting an opinion to measure your ability to speak in English. You will be asked to tell a story, describe a graph, and answer questions. The session will be recorded and trained raters will determine your overall test score.

Scoring and Fee Details:

The Test of Spoken English (TSE) score is reported on a scale of 20–60.

Note : There are no passing or failing scores for this test, it is the institution which determines what scores are acceptable.

TSE Test Fee - US$125