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SAT is nation's most widely used admissions test among colleges and universities.

This is administered by college board and the SAT program is of two types

1. SAT Reasoning Test and

2. SAT Subject Test

SAT Eligibility Requirements

Anyone and everyone is eligible for taking the SAT Test - there are no restrictions based on age or qualifications. The test scores are valid for five years, i.e., most universities accept scores up to five years old. But it is always better if scores are not older than 2 years.

Factors involved in admission to under graduate schools or Colleges in US

  • Good SAT Score (1400 or more)
  • Participation in extra curriculum activities.
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Personal Statements (Application essays)
  • Evidence of creative talent (e.g., samples of evidence of previous work related to the discipline).
  • Academic Performance in junior high or senior high or 10+2 in case of Indian students.

Factors involved in admission to Top under graduate Schools or colleges in US

There is no guarantee that you will get admission in top under graduate schools or colleges in US despite getting a very high score in SAT. Admission committees look for those applicants who will become an excellent under graduate student. One who is gifted, eager to learn, responsible and easy to work with, hard worker and highly motivated. He or she can work independently and take direction, supervision, and constructive criticism without becoming upset or overly sensitive.

Certification Requirements

To obtain SAT certification the following exam is to be taken

Exam : SAT