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EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer v2 ECSP 312-92 practice exams

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EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer v2 ECSP (312-92) Exam

Exam Objectives include the following:

  • Introduction to Secure Coding
  • Designing Secure Architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Secure C and C++ Programming
  • Secure Java and JSP Programming
  • Secure Java Script and VB Script Programming
  • Secure ASP Programming
  • Secure Microsoft.NET Programming
  • Secure PHP Programming
  • Secure PERL Programming
  • Secure XML, Web Services and AJAX Programming
  • Secure RPC, ActiveX and DCOM Programming
  • Secure Linux Programming
  • Secure Linux Kernel Programming
  • Secure Xcode Programming
  • Secure Oracle PL/SQL Programming
  • Secure SQL Server Programming
  • Secure Network Programming
  • Windows Socket Programming
  • Writing Shellcodes
  • Writing Exploits
  • Programming Port Scanners and Hacking Tools
  • Secure Mobile phone and PDA Programming
  • Secure Game Designing
  • Securing E-Commerce Applications
  • Software Activation, Piracy Blocking, and Automatic Updates
  • Secure Application Testing
  • Writing Secure Documentation and Error Messages

Exam Information

  • Passing score : 70%
  • Duration of the exam : 3.5 hours
  • No of Questions : 170 questions
  • Test Format : Multiple choice
  • Test Delivery: Prometric Prime / Prometric APTC / VUE