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Advanced Placement Program (AP)


The Advanced Placement Program (AP) gives high school students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams, and earn credit, advanced placement or both for college.

AP Courses and Exams

There are Thirty-seven AP courses currently available in a wide variety of subject areas such as Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Macroeconomics, English Literature etc. Each AP course covers the material found in the corresponding college course.

Each AP course has a corresponding exam however there is no requirement to take up AP Course prior to taking AP Exam.

Advantages of taking AP Exam

The advantages of taking up AP are :

1. Earn College Credit and Advanced Placement

2. Stand Out in the College Admissions Process

3. Gain Skills that Will Help candidate's succeed in College

4. Broaden Intellectual Horizons

Certification requirements

To obtain AP certification the required exam to be taken is :

AP : Advanced Placement Program