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MAPP practice exams

Practice test vendor Total number of questions Number of questions in demo Test Revision, file size Price Download

* The online tests are provided by ETS itself, and free. These are only sample questions and the candidates need to prepare for AP using recommended course material.


Exam Information

Test Format

The MAPP test is available in two forms, standard and abbreviated. Both forms are offered in proctored paper-and-pencil and online versions.

Standard Form Abbreviated Form
Delivery method Online or paper and pencil Online or paper and pencil
Test length 2 hrs-two, 60 min sessions 40 min-one session
No of Questions 108 questions 36 questions

Scoring Criteria

There are two scoring conventions

1. Norm-referenced scores (Scaled Scores)

Compare the scores of one student or group of students to another, or the same student or group at different points in time.

2. Criterion-referenced scores (Proficiency classifications)

Measure the level of proficiency obtained on a certain skill set.

To know detailed information about the scoring criteria follow the link.