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Convergence+ Certification is developed and sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a global association of IT industry companies with the common goal of standardized qualifications for professionals working in the industry.

Objective of Convergence+ Certification Exam

CompTIA Convergence+ certification recognizes a technician's ability to design, implement and manage both data and voice networking. CompTIA Convergence+ is a valuable credential to enhance a career with convergence technology.

CompTIA Convergence+ tests the knowledge and skills in the area of Communications Technologies (CT), where datacomm, telephony/telecommunications, video and broadcast multimedia technologies combine into a single IP-based delivery system.

CompTIA Convergence+ validates the candidate's knowledge of Communications Technologies (CT), showing employers that the candidate is capable of maintaining their voice and data networks.

Convergence+ Certification Requirements

To obtain Convergence+ Certification, one exam is required. i.e.,

Exam  :  CT0-101