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EC-Council Certifications are designed to provide the foundation needed by every Electronic Commerce and Security Professional .

Overview of Security5 Certification:

Security5 certification is one of the entry-level security certification available from EC-Council and it is designed for those who are interested in learning computer networking and security basics.

Security5 certification provides fundamental skills and  knowledge necessary to network computers.

Security5 means five components of IT Security namely Firewalls , Anti-Virus , IDS , Networking and  Web Security.

Advantage of being Security5 Certified: 

The Security5 Program certifies that the candidate is competent in the use of PC Networking skills and essential concepts of IT Security.

Eligibility Criteria :

Any one who wants to gain knowledge of Networking and Computer Security.

Registration Details :

Candidates can take up EC-Council's Course for Security5 before taking the exam 112-12

Security5 Course Outline :

  1. Foundations of Security

  2. Basic Security Procedures

  3. Desktop Security

  4. Administering Windows Securely

  5. Recognizing Security Threats and attacks

  6. Secure Internet Access

  7. Working on the Internet

  8. Knowing Online Payment Systems

  9. Incident Response

Security5 Certification Requirements:

The required exam to be taken is :

112-12  Security Foundations


* For more information on this course and certification , visit the officail website below