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EC-Council Certifications are designed to provide the foundation needed by every Electronic Commerce and Security Professional .

Overview of ECSS Certification:

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS) is one of the Graduate Level Certifications and one of the academic programs available from EC-Council.

Registration Details :

EC-Council's fundamental courses are conducted by selected academic partners such as colleges and universities around the world.

Exam Details

* Number of Questions: 50
* Passing Score: 70%
* Test Duration: 2 hours
* Test Format: Multiple choice

ECSS Course Outline :

  1. Security Basics

  2. Addressing Threats

  3. Backdoors, Virus and Worms

  4. Linux 

  5. Password Cracking

  6. Cryptography

  7. Web Servers and Web Applications

  8. Wireless Network

  9. Intrusion Detection System

  10. Firewalls and Honeypots 

  11. Hacking Cycle

  12. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  13. Networking Revisited

  14. Secure Network Protocols 

  15. Authentication

  16. Network Attacks

  17. Proxy Servers

  18. Virtual Private Network

  19. Wireless Network Security   

  20. Computer Forensics fundamentals

  21. Trademark, copyright and patents 

  22. Network and Router Forensics Fundamentals

  23. Incident response and forensics

  24. Understanding Windows, DOS, Linux and Macintosh

  25. Steganography

  26. Analyzing logs 

  27. E-mail crime and Computer Forensics 

  28. Reporting 

  29. Computer Forensics as a Profession



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