EC-Council Certifications are designed to provide the foundation needed by every Electronic Commerce and Security Professional .

verview of Computer Forensics Certification:

The Fundamentals of Computer Forensics is one of the Graduate Level Certifications and one of the academic programs available from EC-Council.

Eligibility Criteria :

Any one who wants to gain knowledge of Computer Forensics.

Registration Details :

EC-Council's fundamental courses are conducted by selected academic partners such as colleges and universities around the world.

Computer Forensics Course Outline :

  1. Computer Forensics fundamentals

  2. Trademark, copyright and patents

  3. Network and Router Forensics Fundamentals

  4. Incident Response and Forensics

  5. Digital Evidence

  6. Understanding Windows, DOS , Linux and Macintosh

  7. Steganography

  8. Analyzing logs

  9. E-mail crime and computer forensics

  10. Introduction to writing investigative reports

  11. Computer Forensics as a Profession


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