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Cyber Marketing Exam Details:

Cyber Marketing  is one of the exam that can be chosen out of others available to obtain CEP (Certified e-Business Professional) Certification.

Cyber Marketing combines the creative and technical aspects of the Internet with design, development, advertising, and marketing part of a business.

Exam Objectives include the following:

Introduction to Cyber Marketing
e-Commerce Concepts
e-Commerce Policies and Legal Issues
Building e-Commerce Websites 
Electronic Payment Systems
Search Engine Optimization and Increasing Website Traffic
Web Analytics
Advertising Campaign
Designing Ad-banners
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Blog Advertising
YouTube and Video Advertising 
Podcast Advertising
Advertising on Search Engines
Mobile Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Converting Visitors into Customers and Maintaining Customers
Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Exam Information

  • Passing score : 70%
  • Duration of the exam : 2 hours
  • No of Questions : 50 questions
  • Test Format : Multiple choice