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E-Commerce Architect Exam Details:

E-Commerce Architect  is one of the exam that can be chosen out of others available to obtain CEP (Certified e-Business Professional) Certification.

This exam covers the fundamental business concepts as they relate to E-Commerce, such as customer relationship management; e-procurement; security and staffing issues; planning; metric identification techniques for measuring the success of E-Commerce initiatives; marketing strategies on the World Wide Web; and information on E-Commerce software, hardware, and service providers.

Exam Objectives include the following :

  1. Overview of Electronic Commerce

  2. The Digital Economy

  3. Retailing in Electronic Commerce

  4. Internet Consumers, e-Service, and Market Research

  5. Advertisement in E-Commerce

  6. Company-centric B2B

  7. E-Marketplaces and B2B

  8. B2B Support Services

  9. Dynamic Pricing: Auctions and More

  10. Service Industries, Online Publishing, and Knowledge Dissemination

  11. Intrabusiness, e-Government, and More

  12. Building E-Commerce Applications and Infrastructure

  13. E-Commerce Security

  14. Electronic Payment Systems

  15. Order Fulfillment, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

  16. EC Strategy and Implementation

  17. The Regulatory Environment of Electronic Commerce

  18. E-Communities, Global, and Other Issues in EC

  19. M-Commerce

Exam Information:

Passing score    :   70%

No of questions :   50

Test Duration    :    2 hours

Test Format      :    Multiple choice