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Wireless Network Architect Exam Details:

Wireless Network Architect  is one of the exam that can be chosen out of others available to obtain CEP (Certified e-Business Professional) Certification.

This covers e-building and deploying mobile and wireless devices over the network, with the proliferation of digital cell phones, second generation cordless phones, and devices such as the Palm Pilot and emerging third generation (3G) wireless systems.

Exam Objectives include the following:

  • Introduction to Wireless Communications
  • How Wireless Works
  • Understanding Radio Frequency Communications
  • Infrared , Bluetooth
  • Low-Speed Wireless Local Area Networks
  • High-Speed WLANs and WLAN Security
  • Digital Cellular Telephony
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Wireless Communications in Business

Exam Information

  • Passing score : 70%
  • Duration of the exam : 2 hours
  • No of Questions : 100 questions
  • Test Format : Multiple choice