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Network+ (N10-005)


  1. Introduction

  2. An Overview of Network+ Certification Exam

  3. Exam Objective of Network+ N10-005 Exam

  4. References



The CompTIA Network+ certification is an internationally recognized validation of the technical knowledge required of foundation-level IT network practitioners

Exam topics include Knowledge of Networking Technologies, Layers, TCP/IP, Knowledge of Networking Practices, Installing, Supporting and Troubleshooting Networks including Ethernet 10baseT, 100BaseT, Token Ring networks. Recent upgrade adds Gigabit Ethernet, and Wireless networking.

An Overview of Network+ Certification Exam:

This exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to implement a defined network architecture with basic network security. Furthermore, a successful candidate will be able to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices using appropriate network tools and understand the features and purpose of network technologies. Candidates will be able to make basic solution recommendations, analyze network traffic, and be familiar with common protocols and media types. 

Exam Name: CompTIA®  Network+ N10-005

Number of questions: 100

Type of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based

Duration: 90 minutes

Passing score: 720 (on a scale of 100-900)

Languages: English, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Recommended Experience: CompTIA A+ certification and nine months networking experience


Exam Objective of Network_ N10-005 Exam

Network Concepts 21%
Network Installation and Configuration 23%
Network Media and Topologies 17%
Network Management 20%
Network Security 19%
Total 100%





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