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Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM)


Introduction :

Check Point certifications are designed for those who want to acquire networking security expertise involving Check Point's network and security solutions.


CCSM is a metaframework, which maps detailed security requirements used in the public sector to describe security objectives in existing cloud certification schemes. The goal of CCSM is to provide more transparency about certification schemes and to help customers with procurement of cloud computing services.

Requirements for CCSA #156-115.77 certification:

The ideal candidate should have experience, skills or knowledge in:

  1. How policy changes impact chain module behavior
  2. Identify the source of UGI client connectivity problems
  3. Troubleshoot Secure Internal Communication issues
  4. Configure VPN Tunnel Interface
  5. Deploy IPv6 in a local environment
  6. Use commands to clear the connections table
  7. Configure Open Shortest Path First
  8. Troubleshoot NAT stages
  9. Identify connections in ClusterXL debug file

Main objectives of #156-115.77 certification

  1. Identify issues and problems using commands
  2. Locate the source of encryption failures
  3. Identify potentially mis-configured VPNs
  4. Reduce IPS false positives
  5. Troubleshoot SecureXL and ClusterXL