PRAXIS - Teacher Licensure and Certification

Overview :

The Praxis Series assessments are used for teacher licensure and certification by states departments of education and other certification agencies. 

The Praxis I tests measure basic academic skills, and the Praxis II tests measure general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills. The Praxis III Teacher Performance Assessments assess the skills of beginning teachers in classroom settings.

Who Must Take The Praxis Series Tests?

In-State Applicants: All teacher candidates applying for initial licensure are required to pass Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics (or meet the requirements of one of the State Board-approved options listed below) and pass Praxis II: Subject Assessments, Principles of Learning and Teaching or specific pedagogy exam(s).

Candidates pursuing alternate routes for licensure must satisfy the same testing requirements as candidates in the traditional program.

Persons holding a valid Louisiana teaching license who wish to qualify for additional areas of licensure must submit acceptable scores on the Praxis II (when applicable) for the areas desired and grade level appropriate Principles of Learning and Teaching or specific pedagogy exam(s). For information on the requirements for specific Add-on Endorsements visit the Teach Louisiana Teacher Certification Center at https://www.teachlouisiana.net/teachers.asp?PageID=3001.

Out-of-State Applicants: If an applicant has completed an out-of-state teacher preparation program and held or is eligible for a standard educator license/certificate in another state, he/she may qualify for issuance of a Louisiana Out-of-State (OS) Certificate (valid for a three year period, is not renewable). The OS certificate provides a transition period that permits the holder to be employed in Louisiana K-12 schools while he/she complies with Louisiana Praxis I and Praxis II requirements or meets Praxis exclusion eligibility requirement. (For information on exclusion requirements visit www.teachlouisiana.net Bulletin 746)

Certification Requirements :

To obtain iSkills certification the following exam is to be taken :

Exam : PRAXIS - Teacher Licensure and Certification